MS Project 2010 - Reporting

MS Project 2010 - Reporting


Job Description

I need to create several types of reports in MS Project 2010 (Server).

The following is what I need to do. If you are able to do help in all of this please let me know.

(1) What is the overall status of the project

This report should compare the staff time used to the total of the staff time for the project. Then compare the elapsed time in the calendar to the calendar time remaining

For instance if 100 hours have been used in a 200 hour project, and we are 1 month into a 3 month project the output is 50% Used 66% Remaining. It is as simple as that.

(2) By task, How much time has been spent to date

This would be the report that shows the total time per task, the time used per task, the percentage of those two numbers and the % remaining in the project.

What tasks are we behind in and who is behind in those tasks

This is straight forward. Based on the % remaining in the project and the % a task is complete show those tasks that are behind and the people who are behind in those tasks.

(3) Project wide, how much $ value is yet to be worked on in November

A simple question. What is the remaining unused portion of the project. This should be one line with a $ amount.

(4) For November what time remains for all project staff

Same simple issue. A two column sheet Task, then name of people and their associated time remaining for the month

(5) What is each individual's value of that time remaining
Take the above report and add a column. What is the value of the time.

(6) What time expectations have been pushed to a given staff memeber for him/her to know she was to work on this project
This is a request to see what the system pushes out. I want to see what staff receive as a notice of XXXX this is the expatiation of the days and times you will spend on this project.

(7) What automatic flags have been sent to the PM to let them know who is behind
This is not a report. I want to see the warning system to know what it is that goes out and make sure it is effective.

(8) Show me an invoice for the project
Simple request. What does an invoice look like when this project reaches a milestone.