Pages Created Using Current Template - HTML – Shopping Cart Buttons – Spec Tables


Job Description

This project is for someone experienced with basic HTML. We’re building out the pages and need the current model to be used.

The pages will be in the section:

Here are some examples of completed pages:

Notice the “Product Specs” & “Pricing & Ordering” tabs. This is the main focus of this project, to develop the Specs Table where you see the Adobe PDF download links and the shopping cart tables. The link structures are simple, but need to be input manually + carefully.

I will provide all details and the backend files needed to create the pages, the goal is to achieve all pages completed with the shopping cart and the file download links, no content is to be written and all of the content from the current pages is to be used, including titles, meta description, keywords, copy and pasted from the current pages code. The amount of pages total that we’ll need can be seen here: - this is the example we’re following in terms of size of this project. Roughly 100-150 pages or so.

Please contact me if you are interested in this contract, it is not difficult coding but needs to be done carefully and completely. Most other aspects are copy and pasting current code or HTML, so really the bulk of the work is the Specification Tables and the Shopping Cart Tables.

Colin M.