Chief Technology Leader

Chief Technology Leader


Job Description

Tech startup that is launching a disruptive business in a very hot space. We are looking for our chief technology leader to be part of the founding team.

We are building a marketplace business in the C2C space. This marketplace will encompass some complex area of CAD. The majority of the system will be standard marketplace components (posting, bidding, communication, awarding, paying, reviewing). Our differentiator (and challenge) is in handling the CAD data AND the implementing a proven process system developed for the engineering world (B2B).

Major Components of the platform include:
- Branding site interface (SEO, Web 2.0, etc)
- Split user experience (buyers and sellers)
- Storefronts (customize-able, easy to use, search, etc.)
- File storage (some large data movements with the CAD info)
- CAD analysis - Reviews for all users
- Project tracking and feedback
- Online billing and processing
- Shipping information and documentation

Expectations for this project include:
- Technical guidance on the web layout for the platform
- Architecture layout for platform, languages and systems
- Database layout
- Direct programming
- High energy and passion
- Candor
- Can-do attitude (solve problems instead of looking for reasons it can't be done)
- Ability to build AND lead a technical team
- REAL, heavy communication

This can be a short term OR long term project

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