U.S. Dairy Internt Research

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are looking for a contractor familiar with the U.S. Dairy industry. We are seeking a detailed write-up on the following questions with all references fully cited:

- List of the top Dairy milk producers in the U.S.
- Products brought to market by the dairy industry in the past 2 years
- Detailed informatoin on new product development or product pipeline of companies in the Dairy Industry
- Smaller dairy up-starts and what they are using as their unique selling proposition

We anticipate the following project milestones/ timeline:

- Wednesday 8/21 - Initiate Contract
- Thursday 8/22 - Q/A call with project team to review needs, ideas, and deliverables
- Thursday 8/22 - Please use the phase, "Gallon of White Milk" in the first sentence of your cover letter so I know you read this job posting completely.
- Friday 8/23 - Review of initial research findings and documentation; provide additional direction and areas for further investigation
- Monday 8/26 - Delivery final research results.


We're looking to move fast. Preference will be given to contractors in the United States or able to work U.S. EST business hours.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

Chris Clegg
Hiring Manager