Smartwatch design // Bluetooth Enabled

Smartwatch design // Bluetooth Enabled


Job Description

We are looking for someone to take over an incomplete smartwatch design and complete the work. Here’s the current status:

1. Electronic design is 80% complete
2. The device uses a 2” LCD – no touch screen – uses 3 buttons to function
3. Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
4. Uses Nordic nRF51822 BLE 4.0
5. Device Functionality
a. Will work with an iOS app currently being developed
b. Send and receive data to/from the app
c. Receive notifications (such as text messages, emails, incoming call etc) from the iPhone via BT
d. Will function as a watch and will receive watchfaces from App
6. The device can now receive data over the air (OTA)
7. The device will have 6 main menu items and other sub menus
8. The device uses a Li-ion Polymer Battery
9. It will be charged via micro USB
10. It has a buzzer for notifications.
11. Current programming language used is C
12. The board layout is 80% complete as well

We can send you everything we have such as prototype, firmware, schematics, layout, etc. to complete the design.

This is a quick overview of the project. If there is interest from both sides, we can sign an NDA and I can disclose more information.