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• A dynamic and growing international banking and investment firm that provides business-consulting services to hedge funds, broker dealers and other financial institutions. Our involvement with projects such as oil, gas, gold, and project funding has allowed clients to achieve their goals by providing the necessary collateral to move forward.


This is not a regular administrative position with little to no opportunity for advancement. Most companies are either stagnant or regressing. Our company is continually evolving – reaching milestones and creating new ones, so there are always new opportunities for fast-tracked advancement. We want you to be motivated and excited about the nature of your work, because your efforts will manifest into visible and tangible success. We are always getting offers for business partnerships or people that want to be involved with our business because they see the success of it. If you do well, a promotion to an executive assistant position will be well-paying, involve travel other perks, and likely to be in the near future. If you love variety you will love this job. There are a lot of different projects to keep track of and the day goes by quickly with all the various tasks. Again, this is not a mundane administrative position. This position will involve intellectual and strategic work.
We are looking for the administrative assistant who is worth his/her weight in gold. Someone with the following attributes:
• HIGH LEVEL OF ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Most significant mistakes are made, avoided, or corrected depending on the level of attention to detail, and these details can have a big impact on a company’s success.
• EXTROVERTED PERSONALITY. Communications with clients, service providers, and other associates in person, via telephone, or written is a part of the daily routine. We want someone that enjoys the client and coworker interaction because he/she truly enjoys giving excellent customer service and being of assistance to people.
• PRO-ACTIVE ATTITUDE. This is vital in balancing out the dynamics of the company. You will be empowered to fix problems that are beyond the scope of your daily tasks. Ideally an individual who is naturally cheerful, happy, outgoing, pro-active, and a stickler for details and doing things “right.” “Right” means fixing obvious problems, especially the easy ones that don’t cost anything to fix. All team members are expected to be able to anticipate problems and correct them before they are problems. So many obstacles are avoidable, foreseeable, and fixable – the person we are looking for must have this foresight to mitigate damages from obstacles.
• ORGANIZED AND EFFICIENT. The admin is the go-to person that everybody needs something from ASAP, so organization and efficiency are important to the admin’s(and our) success. Multi-tasking is great, but only if all tasks can be completed properly 100%.
o NOT ACCEPTABLE = handling multiple tasks at 80%
o ACCEPTABLE = handling one task at a time at 100%
o EXPECTED = handling multiple tasks at 100%
• SELF-SUFFICIENT. We are hiring help to save time to increase efficiency, so if you are not self-sufficient and need to be told exactly what to do 24/7 you are counterproductive and this position is not for you.
• EXCEPTIONAL PROFFESIONALISM. Problem-solving is necessary, and handling people with finesse and professionalism is required. All of our transactions involve big numbers, and with those big numbers come big personalities and sometimes big attitudes and egos. So it is vital that the admin possesses the ability to properly represent our company in a professional capacity in the rare occasions where extra effort is required.
• HIGHLY PROFICIENT W/ COMPUTERS. Computer skills need to be above average. 99% of client satisfaction issues or in-house operations inefficiencies stem from insufficient computer skills. Technological advances have made the world a faster moving place and to keep up you have to be able to keep up with the newest technologies and developments in software
• EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS. English does not need to be your first language, but I need you to be proficient in English enough so that that are no inconveniences due to language barriers and as if English is the only language you speak
• PUNCTUAL. Being consistently on time is a part of increasing productivity for that individual as well his/her associates. If we can’t rely on you to be on time, it would be very hard for us to rely on you for anything else.

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Skills: marketing, management, administration, virtual-assistant-skills

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