Long term contract for animated series

Long term contract for animated series


Job Description

Looking for an animation studio with the ability to produce Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon 3d animation with a large team to produce a new animated series in conjuction with my own studio. Pre-production will all be done in Pakistan with modeling, animation, background, rendering support required from successful partner. Please note, minimum odesk rating of 4.5 needed to apply for job

Key Requirements are:
1. Ability to produce quality content (use this video as a benchmark: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV5w262XvCU)
2. Ability to deliver content on time
3. Ability to constantly communicate via skype calls and video conferences in English.

Please include your showreel and I will only respond to candidates who meet the animation bechmark. In addition, I am interested in working with studios that have a large setup and a lot of man power.

Please include your showreel and specifications on your company, and I will get back to you if your showreel meets the benchmark quality. I look forward to hearing from you.