Linux Administrator Familiar with cPanel and WordPress

Linux Administrator Familiar with cPanel and WordPress


Job Description

I am a very experienced Linux Administrator and currently stuck on an issue that I am facing. I need somebody with the below skills.

- Good English
- Experienced cPanel/WHM Servers
- Excellent Bash Command line knowledge
- Familiar with debugging things using strace
- Experienced with WordPress

Below is more details regarding the issue that I am experiencing.

After a brand new installation of WordPress, you are unable to insert images into posts. Uploading works, but clicking the insert into post, just makes the box go away without actually inserting the image into a post.

I have determined that this is a server configuration issue rather then an issue with the script itself as new installations have the same issue. This does not happen on an another equivalent server.

It is also notable to mention that this is a VPS.

This is what will be provided for you to assist with the issue:
- Root WHM Access
- cPanel Access
- WordPress Admin Dashboard Access
- Root SSH Access

I expect a detailed explanation on what was causing the issue to prevent this issue on other VPS's that we provision.

Please let me know how long it will take you to complete this task. Also include the phrase "Crazy chickens are funny" in your cover letter to prove you read this description in its full.