Cartoon of a fun adventurous grandma


Job Description

Cartoon of a fun adventurous grandma based on a photo. Primary focus is on upper body, as this time she will be riding in a rainbow-colored hot air balloon. She needs to be using a video camera and will also have a smart phone. She will have a purple scarf blowing in the breeze and will probably have glasses, since she is a grandma.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a series of drawings of her on adventures (i.e. motorcycle, etc.) For now, it will become her logo for a blog she is starting.

Need good communication with me, willingness to receive feedback and change as requested. May need to coordinate with designer-- to plug grandma into the wicker basket. OR, my hope is that we can just insert her into the balloon basket.

Seems like a very simple project...and there may be more to follow.
I want to see your style and trust that the right person and i will "feel" the fit.

What comes to your awareness as you hear this description? What can you send me to see your ideas and style? What would you estimate for time and cost?

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