hardware/software golf club fitting device

hardware/software golf club fitting device


Job Description

A six-week project has turned into a two-year project (and counting), with a first prototype not functioning sufficiently and a second apparently just days away from being delivered when I was told the developer sadly had a stroke. I am getting no further information about the prognosis of this individual that might now be incapable of continuing on a project that might be acceptably nearly completed sitting on his desk. It could be a total time and financial loss, but I can no longer wait to at least make some inquiries. I was hoping to at least consider bringing the prototype to the PGA Merchandise show in January but at the present time that possibility appears lost as well.

Briefly, the device is a 3-D sensor motion detector that attaches to a golf club, accurately gathers the 3-D golf club movement and position data with respect to time during golfer pre-swing movement (before a golf swing even begins), and further requires the proper algorithm(s) and software programming to determine any pre-swing rotation point locations (which most golfers will have) along the length of the golf club in the course of a golfer's pre-swing movement. A determined rotation point location is then applied (in the form of a fulcrum location) on a discrete scale (also needed), which cumulatively results in a new golf club balancing specification named waggle weight (for those familiar enough with golf, this is an advancement of the already-long-proven golf club specification named swingweight).

This is all already patented, US # 8,074,495, my patent protection time is quickly dwindling away with two more years apparently lost now, and much of my remaining capital is possibly also gone due to the above situation. Perhaps I will get a call tomorrow saying this guy will (hopefully) be okay, but I can no longer wait before I at least try to make some additional inquiries for help toward either completing what has been done to this point (if possible), or quickly developing another new prototype from scratch. I will note here that off-the-shelf hardware sensors might be acceptable, thus perhaps leaving only the appropriate software application to be developed. I need to find one or more individuals with the qualifications, interest, available time, and potentially other attributes who might be a good match to advance this project as soon as possible. Hourly or fixed price will be considered. Thanks.

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