QA Tester

QA Tester


Job Description

I need help testing my website and corresponding web application and document if it passes or fails the tests outlined in our testing plan. This project is for one week of full testing and we will work out an arrangement for ongoing testing.

Tester is encouraged to add new test cases as unforeseen problems are experienced.

You would play a key part in our roll out and code migration process.

Please include information on your approach to tackling this cross browser and cross platform task. We would also like to know your range of access to different web browsers and operating systems.

Required skills:
- Tester is expected to have basic knowledge of testing a website.
- Usage of multiple versions of multiple browsers (chrome, firefox, internet explorer, safari)

-Testing environment expectations.
1) Tester must be familiar with google docs, as the testing document is provided there.
2) Tester must be familiar with Windows and Mac operating systems, and have installed (or have access to) all browsers listed in the testing document.

Tester will be expected to examine different functional areas of the website and web app. If a test fails, the tester is expected to describe what went wrong into our bug tracking system. It is expected that you will document bugs with enough detail that the problem can be reproduced easily by a developer who has not seen the bug.

Testing will be documented in a spread sheet. All work is expected to be completed within 3-5 days maximum.

Goal of this project:
This project will help us provide the best quality of service to our clients.

Desired Skills

Testing & QA, Software Testing, black box testing, web testing, QA Testing
Identity Management is a nice to have.

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