Make an exe file from open-source code


Job Description

Need to create a clean exe file for this open-source software:

1. The install/uninstall needs to be silent
2. clean uninstall with no files/folders left behind anywhere, including:
a. %programfiles%
b. %appdata%
c. %systemdrive%
d. Start Menu.
3. If the app is running during the uninstall the user needs to be messaged that the app needs to be closed it before continuing and either do not allow the uninstall to continue until the user closes the app or message the user that it will be forcibly closed if they click yes, or something like that.
4. GNU license terms should be displayed during the installation process

(the existing .exe is failing some of these requirements)

Please submit your proposal with the estimated hours required to complete the job, as well as your proposed methodology.

Skills: gnu