Conquian Playing Card Game for iPhone/IPad

Conquian Playing Card Game for iPhone/IPad


Job Description

Hello there.
I'm a new entrepeneur an this is my first project.

I'm looking for a professional developer that can make a Mobile App for me.

Image Quality Is a Priority on this App.
Great quality on the images is what i'm looking for.

I Need 2 ways to Play on the Game.

The Classic Way

It's and Old Card Game that bassicaly you need two or more players with a
40-card pack of cards ranking A 2 3 4 5 6 7 J Q K,
being the rest stacked face-down on the table. The
aim is to be the first to get rid of the cards, including
the last one drawn. Each player is dealt ten cards and wins the game by melding a total of eleven cards. They may be melded by pairing (at least three or four of a kind) or
by a straight flush sequence (three to ten cards from the sequence A 2 3 4 5 6 7 J Q K A: thus, A 2 3
and 6 7 J are valid sequences).

The Central America Way

Same Game BUT Using the whole 52 card deck and from A 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 J Q K.
and instead of delt 10 cards they will get 9 cards to win with a 10 meld game.

How to play.

After the deal, the dealer turns up the top card from the remainder of the deck to begin the discard pile.
The non-dealer then has the option to take the first card, but must use itimmediately (with at
least two hand- cards) to make ameld.
If the non-dealer doesn't want
the card, the dealer has the option to pick it up and use it for his meld.
If neither player wants the first
card, the non-dealer takes the first card from the draw pile and may use it immediately to meld or
discard it.
They may not place the card in their
hand. If either player makes a valid meld with it,
they must discard one card from his hand. The otherplayer may then choose this card or draw anotherfrom the pile.
So whoever turns from the pile has first choice of
the card turned, and must either meld it, extend one of his existing melds with it, or pass. If both players pass, the second turns it down and draws next.
The next Player from the right hand side of the last player who did a meld or a discard has the right to use the next card even if somwbody else needed it too, this way we avoid confusion on who can keep the card.


In melding, a player may "borrow" cards from their
other melds to help create new ones, provided that
those thereby depleted are not reduced to less than
valid three-card melds. After melding, the player's
discard becomes available to the opponent, who
may then either meld it or turn it down and make the next draw.

If a player declines a faced card which can legally
be added to one of their existing melds, they must meld it if their opponent so demands.
This way, it is sometimes possible to force a player into a situation from which they can never go out, therefore creating
a point of much interest to the strategy of the play.
If neither is out when the last available card has
been declined, the game is drawn and the stake
carried forward.

The First player that finish with a 11 cards melding Game wins.
OR 10 cards on the Central America game.

This app will be a Free version and I will be usin Admob SDK on it, so the developer will need to put my Admob Code on the app.

A Paid version will be out with a WIFI capability to play against friends near you. (still with ads on it)

Daily free coins to all. (Amount is not set yet)
Free Bonus coins if they share it on Facebook!

After we get a good amount of downloads I will Hire the Same person to Do a Premium Edition with a good amount of coins and able to play online with others and they would be able to buy coins online with the records saved on my hosting site instead of their phones to avoid hacking methods.

Remember that I want the app with the full source code.

Do not hesitate to ask any question, we are here to work and make things happen.

last notes:

1. Do you understand that I am buying an iPhone/iPad application from you with the full source code?

2. By selling the software, you agree that you own the Intellectual Property of the app and you are granting me full ownership rights to the application. Agree?

Thanks for your time and I hope we Can work together on this app.

After making this app for iPhone/IPad I will need to have it done for android and blackberry as well.
And if you know how to work on those platforms you will be hire from me again, and for some other apps that I have in mind.

But let's start with this one first.

I'm new on this bussiness and my Budget is low for now.
but I'll give a Bonus to the person who give the best and help me on this one.

If you think you are the right person for this app contact me ASAP.

here is a link so you can have an idea on what colors and Game resolution quality i'm looking for.

Skills: facebook, ipad, iphone-sdk