Web development

Web development


Job Description

I need fully functional dynamic website. The site will handle our offered services and solutions and have a separate web shop. The solutions or services are integrated to related products in the web shop. Templates need modifying , but most of the page development are on the main header index. While our shop will basically need same header and footer as the the reset of the site. I need shop product design and different service function plugin for additions service. Payments modules will be needed.
ADMIN Panel for managing that content I should be able to handle services, service calendar booking and notification, order activation and other requirements as per given documents.

The site must have a live chat , i have com1000 api that you can integrated from http://www.comm100.com/
Social medias and rss feeds
Api from our domain search , registration and ordering form for the site . Dns search with ip auto detect.

Bidder requirement:
freelancer developer must offer 8 hours of work or more per day. Be online during our working hours . Bidder must responsible for all our work task plans and system design are followed until project complete.
Communication and quick response are key to succeed.
Developer must develop according to web standard structure, w3. I will validate the site codes and links, tags, header should be marketing and user friendly. The work must be free from errors, have user friendly interface/ design and seo urls, from links, tittles, meta tags etc. Developer must leave at list 3 months bug free site and support.
No rough work to provide instant solution, but proper organised structure and SEO ready site.
Complete functional website development and functional admin CMS including functions required.
Meet the deadline as required; NOTE Once again ! You have a TIGHT Deadline behind this web development.
Deadline is maximum 10days from starting date . Anything after deadline the price must will be renegotiated accordingly or cancling the assignment.
When assigning for this work, make sure you have understood the requirements, and please before bidding send a long a task plan and system design for proper understanding of what you seem to understand out of this task for our new page development. Plan for development for all is 10days. Payment of 100 usd to secure work and the rest of 200 usd be paid upon your final finish testing and delivery. Total 300 USD And another additional bonus upon achievement on this project

Sources available:
The two alreay brought templates
Old site codes for service and solutions if still aviable server.
Otherwise We shall need redesign services, solution, support, contact us about us according to my requirements to fit this new site
Example site we shall use are www.comviq.se and for some shop modules and intro ad as http://www.monsieur-biere.com/ when having promotions and shop design