Dual Dog Logos

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Deliver by - March 19, 2014


Hey & Hi,
I am thinking of two logo/mascot type illustrations.As simple as possible with distinct outlines,,, 1st one is for a jewelry home non-business. (It is more of a hobby, no income, just lots of buying.) The mascot would need to be a dog named Dee-Dee as the biz will be Dee-Dee's Charms. Dee-Dee is also a real dog and will add a pic at the end. She is a sort of gawky lab/greyhound mix with a sweet disposition and will want a necklace, or charm locket in the design around her neck, (will add pic of lockets too). Want 2 'poses' or if only a head shot works better, 2 expression. (I leave whether just head-shot or whole body up to artist who can decide which looks better).

2nd logo/mascot will be for a blog... The blog, (The Serene Dog) will be about the individual mans constant friction with society and the stark difference between protection of individual 'rights' and the protection (or implementation) of what is best for 'Man' as a whole. I am sure It will get political, and the distinction between Republicans and Democrats, between a republic and a democracy will spill into the pages so I wanted at least one of the 2 'poses' to be able for me to re-color in blue/white stars and red/white strips as needed... in other words as simple as possible.

The 1st one I want to resemble the real Dee-dee... the 2nd I see some sort of medium sized terrier... although you may have a better idea.

The illustrations would be vector in a perfect world... At this point I only can afford 2 poses or expressions of each, but will want to expand in the future, so future work is possible.

The copyright will need to follow the image and belong to me.