Finding Good Photos on Flickr

Finding Good Photos on Flickr


Job Description

I am putting together some videos, and need someone to find good photos for the video slideshows. The videos are motivational videos for kids.

The job will entail searching for public domain photos on flickr ( that match the phrase or idea for that specific slide in the videos. There are about thirty slides in each video, and I want two photo options for each slide. I'm guessing this will take between three and four hours, and there will be about one video per month.

The ideal photo is something cool looking an hi-res that matches the phrase in the script for that slide. It should be a cool photo.

This job could expand to include more responsibilities, if things go well with the research.

To apply, please tell me a bit about you, as well as send me flickr links to photos for the following two phrases, taken from one of our scripts:

1) "The goal of this course is to train you like an elite athlete. To take all the important life lessons that you’re supposed to eventually learn as an adult, that most people never actually learn, and teach them to you now, in high school, where you can actually make use of them."

2) "In fact, you would be shocked that even at such an elite school, only a few top people had really internalized many of these life skills. Those people were extremely rare. What was generally the case is that people had one or two things they were good at, and just off that, they were able to get into great schools and great jobs."