Ad Copy and Product Research

Ad Copy and Product Research


Job Description

I need the following excel document to be filled out fully with proper information on our products found by reliable sources on the internet. We need someone to fill out the excel document with all the necessary information on the seeds.

Light / Sun Watering Planting Depth Transplant (Weeks) Transplant Seed Spacing Thinning Spread Row Spacing Fruit Size Height Germination (Days) Harvest (Days)

Following information for each seed is listed above.

Honey Bee
Sugar Plum
Sunny Boy
Beef Maestro

Brandywine Pink
Brandywine Yellow
Cherokee Purple
Green Zeebra
Old German

Onion (Tokyo Long White)
Tomato (Martino's Roma)
Pepper (Chianti)
Jalapeño Pepper (Gigantia)

Tomato (Brandymaster)
Pepper (Chianti)
Carrot (Tendersweet)
Zucchini (Black Coral)
Bean (Provider)

Skills: research, english