Personal Assistant (PA) Wanted for Best Selling Author and Business Development Director

Personal Assistant (PA) Wanted for Best Selling Author and Business Development Director


Job Description

I am the business development director of a Scandinavian company in the UK, which sells Data Centre Services to other organisations.

I am looking for a competent personal assistant whose job will include:

1. Data Entry
2. Internet Research
3. Phone calls to prospective clients
4. Sending out letters and emails
5. Managing diary, meeting planning and confirmations
6. Some transcription
7. Other general PA

Most of the work will involve calling potential clients on my behalf, introducing me and asking for an email address to send a letter to, calling back, checking whether they have received it, whether they are interested in the contents and want to schedule a meeting or have a conversation with me. You will have to take notes about what they say, enter the details into the CRM system. Your objective will be to get as many letters sent, delivered and followed up as possible. You will need to fulfil the typical role of a personal assistant to help me to be organised and efficient. You will therefore need to be able to organise yourself and me, work to deadlines, manage on-line calendars, do typing. I sometimes record work for my books, ideally you will be able to manage doing transcription as well. Your spoken and written English needs to be good.

You will have to be good at working alone and unsupervised, but you will need to get lots of letters emailed out.

The more flexible, versatile and energetic you are the better. If you have ambition to get on in life and work to very high standards that would be great.

I have in mind 6 hours a day 5 days per week, working UK office hours.

You'll need to be familiar with CRM systems, we use Vtiger.

I look for friendly happy working relationships. I am a bestselling author with 12 books published on business, personal development and technology and I help others to live better lives, run better businesses and organisations and make the world a better place.

I'd like to start with a day's trial, and then move forward. I have to communicate with lots of different people, the more people you are able to facilitate the communication with the better. I have targets I am trying to achieve, if I achieve them, the work could turn into a permanent role.

I'll need you to do be a really good PA. Hopefully the job will be enjoyable.

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