Adult Blog Writer / Reviewer Adult Content

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Must be familiar with writing in Wordpress and comfortable with adult content.

I am not looking for SEO experts. I am looking for writers for a review site.

Job Requirements:
The job is to write 15 or more posts per week, including delivering sample images, either turned in via email or entered directly into WordPress, on an ongoing basis,.

Consistently write 125-200 word review style descriptions of adult photo galleries and site updates.

Personal believable voice required.

Objective, but still reasonably positive, without sounding too sales oriented or generic. Not every update is the 'best you've ever seen' but you should be able to talk about what is good and/or uniquely interesting about it and make it sound appealing or entertaining to someone who hasn't seen it yet.

Ideally, you should know what 'altporn' is and have an interest in writing about positive artistic presentations of sexuality.

I will also need you to be able to pick two good sample images from the gallery that best represent the gallery or update you are reviewing.

Pay Rate:
It pays $1 to $3 per post, looking to get at least 60 review posts per month (4 weeks). Please bid on doing 15 posts, which is one week of work. The higher range payments are for people who can do the required (admittedly complex) formatting in WordPress.

Paid Test:
Qualified applicants who apply correctly and meet the requirements will have a paid test of three (3) posts to successfully complete in order to get the 30 post assignment and ongoing work.

Application Instructions:
To apply, open the attached zip file and send me just the 'altporn' image from the random assortment, along with a very short description of why you are qualified to do this and potentially samples or links to previous work of this sort.

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