Single Page Application

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Job Description

As part of huge application we want to create a bunch of functions as single page applications.

Due to the existing environment we have choosen a technology and will stay with that.

The base application runs ASP.NET MVC 5 with Entity Framework 6. For SPA we have choose AngularJS and a modified Bootstrap theme.

The business layer exists and so is the database and all back end environment. This job is more or less a client programming job along with some heavy CSS work.

To fullfill the job, you MUST :

- Know Visual Studio 2012 / 2013 Professional
- Know how to access a public TFS server
- Know how to setup SQL Server
- Know how to setup project to run in a local IIS
- Have a very good understanding of MVC 4 / 5
- Have a very good understanding of Entity Framework Code First, Data Annotations
- Know CSS 3 very well and be an expert in Bootstrap
- Know jQuery very well
- be an expert in AngularJS

We provide a clear description of requirement and very precisely developed design. We expect that the design approach we provide will be applied exactly, pixel by pixel.

We will do some interviews with candidates first and after doing a first preselection we provide more documents.

We expect that the candidate is available full time for the whole project. We have an estimation of four weeks for this project (remember it's client work along with API calls in an existing application where business layer and database already exists).

Communication will be through Odesk, Skype, Phone, Email.

We speak German and English.

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