Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation

Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation


Job Description

We are seeking individuals who have experience working with a) zoho, b) making outbound telemarketing calls, c) have solid references, d) willing to work long hours, e) ready to join a company that is exploding with opportunities, e) willing to work weekends when necessary, f) interested in joining management, f) ready to supervise other individuals and g) looking for a new opportunity where they can truly make an impact.

You must have a fast internet connection, reliable power source, fast computer and an environment where we can speak with you on the telephone without a) children screaming, b) babies crying, c) cousins arguing, d) any other noise at all.

If you are interested, and qualified, we will set up a meeting via skype with our ceo and you can describe your eligibility. You must be able to speak perfect english without much of an accent. Our customers are scattered throughout the world and they do not like speaking with people outside of the United States.

You must have at least 2 years of experience making outbound calls and working with a reputable US company. We will check your references. We will require an official government ID card as well as an updated CV. You MUST HAVE A COLLEGE DEGREE to even be considered.

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