AWS & GIT Admin - SSH - GitHub - ONGOING

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Amazon Web Services expert needed.

We already have the instance and subdomains setup.

If you can understand the following, please feel free to apply:

A couple questions:

1) Is all of the persistent data (mysql data, all user config, log file, code base files, etc, basically anything we need) on an attached EBS volume? Basically, if the instance goes away (and it will, many, many times) how do we quickly spin up a new server?

2) Please make sure git is installed (I think simply sudo yum install git) and you can clone directly from the repos. You will need to add the user guidewired's ssh key to github.

Asfihani, how are your shell scripting skills. Will you be able to handle the needed automated and manual deploy scripts if I describe what needs to happen? "

Skills: amazon