Develop File Sharing Application for Desktop & Uploads to a cloud server


Job Description

I'm looking for a Skilled Programer or a Team of programmer to create a desktop application for Windows, Mac and allows cloud based file sharing application to sync files.

Software Requirements:
* Share desktop files with a server/data center/cloud server securely. (possibly rackspace cloud files or amazon cloud)

* Software will also interact with our website / MSSQL database for account, billing, security, and file access rights

* Web based management (website that manages file access security, billing/accounting, management of each subscribed account)

* iphone App apps to be able to read and access files

* Software will be most similar to dropbox, yet a little different.
- Instead of syncing all file to all computer.
- Software will maintain a list all files locally for fast access
- User would access Z drive and can quickly browse through all files
- Need ability to quickly search through content
- Double clicking on a file would download file to local encrypted container.
- Recent opened or edited file will continue to sync for set date.

* Need Integration with Microsoft Office for quick access.

Additional Requirements:
1. Project manager must have excellent English reading, writing, and speaking. We will communicate frequently on skype and chat on gtalk.

2. I would like you to provide a fixed priced quote. (Please provide accurate and at a great price to be considered)

3. I would like references and samples of your previous work. (Best if previous work was similar to what I'm asking for)

4. I require source code along with binary code.

5. Estimate Delivery 1 months, 2months Max. to complete

6. When applying, let me know what is the best programming language for this and why?

7. Looking for quality work at a good price. Give me your best rate possible.

Skills: billing, management, amazon, cloud-computing, english