Write an Article About an Upcoming Movie (1400 words)

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Job Description

For a forthcoming film (which I will identify after awarding the project), answer the 7 questions listed below. They should be fairly easy to answer using common sources of information such as imdb.com, rottentomatoes, boxofficemojo, and google news.

Here are the questions:
1. Describe the film's plot without including spoilers
2. Where did the story/plot come from?
- i.e., how did the screenwriter write it? (could be based on a popular book, autobiographical, etc.)
3. Who funded the film, and how did they do so? (include the film's budget if available)
4. Describe 1 or more problems that arose during production, and how it/they were solved
5. Provide any insights that actors/participants in the film have given about the film
- e.g., perhaps an actor has described the political meaning of the movie
6. Describe critics' reactions to the film
- if the film has not been screened for critics yet, describe any advance publicity (e.g., articles looking forward to the release)
7. Explain how the film will be released, and why it is being released this way
- e.g., nationwide on 100 screens, or direct to video, or online

Each of your 7 answers should be at least 200 words, and adhere to the following guidelines:
a. no fluff; do not be unnecessarily wordy to fill up space -- these are short answers and there should be plenty of facts to fill out your response
b. think about what a reader unfamiliar with the film would want to know, and write to that audience
c. any quotes you use should be short (1 or 2 sentences) and should be accompanied by a link to the source

The final product must pass Copyscape. It will ultimately be made available via the internet. I am price-sensitive on this project, so please do not bid more than $20.

Because of the holiday, I will not be able to review your work until Dec. 26 or so, but I must have your final product no later than Dec. 29.


Skills: film, video

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