cdn server checkup / correct.

cdn server checkup / correct.


Job Description


My website was have static images uploaded to the same hosting server ( inside VPS - OpenVZ ) which is have static images there, after that we did create a new vps for mysql master database and another vps for images server only (VPS), finally we did have create a new VPS for nginx filtering.

Now we have the following:

images vps ( for images only to be syncing to and move it directly through bash script )
files vps for our php files ( static files )
master database vps for our website database.
nginx vps for filtering the visitors traffic.

Hence we have used a bad system admin who are not willing to support us, don't have any reason for that as he get paid, but hence we looking for expert system admin and php coder in same time to assist us in this, and after that we will keep his info 1st before posting any system admin to handle our servers issue.

Please make sure that you have the experiance to recheck the old system admin work as we can help you with that a little bit, and complete/verify to have fixing our issue in uploading images, where now we have a trouble while uploading the images inside the news that the images didn't be uploaded / displayed in the homepage or news, and sometimes ( not always ), it's show different images.

after we complete/fix these 2 issues we will install/configure a new WordPress ( 2 sub domains ) for our website to be working there, as we don't have any kind of control panel, only we have SSH terminal and FTP access.

So please make sure you can do it very quick by system admin and php coding so we can move to second project we already have.