3D Illustration of Dental Implant Instructions


Job Description

We are looking to create a dental implant instruction manual that will feature around 20 (possibly more) digital renderings of various stages of the process.

A company we work with (much larger than us) has done something similar that can be seen in the attached PDF.

I understand that the majority of the work is in the initial modeling, then subsequent images are much less labor intensive... Perhaps the best way to quote these is a cost:
- PER IMAGE (Using a new layout/construction)
- PER IMAGE (using a slight modification of an image you've already built)
I'm open to per-project quotes, however.

I am interested in your thoughts. We'd be interested in these looking more "photorealistic" and less "cartoonish" but I understand there are limitations in software and budget. Ideally you must be able to reasonably accurately render flesh, bone, and metallic surfaces. Ability to provide light animation is a bonus.

NOTE: This is not a request to recreate all the images in the attached brochure... these are just examples of the types of illustrations we will need.