Research on Property Funds


Job Description

List of Property Funds & Collective Investment Schemes in the following countries :
- Singapore
- Hong Kong
- Malaysia
- Philippines
- India
- China
- Indonesia
- Thailand
- South Korea

I would want the applicants to choose 1-2 countries of their comfort rather than trying to do all the countries. Ability to get regulatory source/list of providers will be a positive.

Some examples of the firms i am looking for are : LCI Investments in Singapore, AMP Capital SG/HK, BrickEagle investments in India etc. None of the funds/investment trusts or schemes are to be publicly trading on any stock exchange.

Preliminary screening will be based on sample output with at least 5 entries. I will follow this up with a quick skype call.

This will be followed up with couple of more projects on Real Estate developers and ancillary firms associated in these countries.

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