Illustrator for Funny Greeting Cards Design

Illustrator for Funny Greeting Cards Design


Job Description

A very exciting project to say the least!!

We are looking for a graphic designer for an up a coming website that is to be producing greeting cards. Must be able to draw funny characters as humour is going to be the bread and butter of this company i.e. USP for this company to compete with the likes of moon pig and funky

P.S. We are looking for at least a 150 card designs so that the website can launch on Feb 1st just in time to promote for valentines day. And as you would know the majority of the starting cards would be based around valentines day.

Drawings do not have to be detailed but just funny. Messages for the cards have already been established all you need to draw with reference to the messages in the card.

Please send through some work that has previously been done by you if you apply for this project.