Top notch transcriptionists-- $25 per audio hour


Job Description

You can choose your own work hours.
This will be a full time, long term and stable job.

Type of work:
Audio file types can be one on one interviews, focus groups, meetings, presentations, etc. Can be from 1 speaker to multiple speakers. Mostly American accents but sometimes, we have British, Australian, etc.

1 hour audio will be given to you DAILY (mon- fri). TAT is 10 hours.

Pay rate:
$25 per audio hour.
This means that you will only be hired IF your work does not need to be edited anymore AND if you can submit a final transcript for a 1 hour audio in 10 hours from the time the audio is given to you. Your accuracy should be 98% for an easy audio and 90% for a difficult audio.

Native English speakers preferred.
With experience preferred.

Application process:
You will be asked to do a 15 minute sample transcription of a rather difficult audio. By difficult, I mean it has multiple speakers, light accent, light background noise and some speakers have slightly low volume at times.

Why? because I want to assess you with the worst audio so that if you're good, then I'm sure you're even better with an easy audio.

The 15 minute sample should be finished within 3 hours from the time I give you the audio. Finished, meaning proofread already.

This sample will be paid $5 if you're hired.

If you don't want to do a 15 minutes sample, if you don't think you can finish 15 minutes in 3 hours, if you can't handle a difficult audio: DO NOT APPLY.

We are only looking for transcriptionists who can submit 98% accuracy within the given TAT. That's why we pay more than most. If you are not able to do this, please don't waste my time and yours.

If you are able to do this though, please apply. I look forward to interviewing you. The sample that you will do will be given if you are shortlisted for an interview.

Good day!