10 Assitant Sanskrit / Hindi Writers required

10 Assitant Sanskrit / Hindi Writers required


Job Description

For our books, lessons, magazine and websites we require 10 assistant Sanskrit / Hindi writers with sound knowledge of Grammar.
Please read this post carefully before you apply.

Required Qualifications:
- Minimum BA in Hindi or Acharya in Sanskrit
- Very good knowledge of Hindi or Sanskrit Grammar
- Able to teach Hindi or Sanskrit
- Able to read and speak Hindi or Sanskrit
- Able to write Articles and lessons in Hindi or Sanskrit (English instruction + Devnagari lesson stuffs)

- You will have to assist our professors to write lessons
- You will have to write articles (with English instructions) for magazines and websites
- You will have to make videos for lessons

For example you will have to write a complete lesson on Sandhi (and all of its kinds) in 1 lesson / assignment. for every lessons you get maximum 3 days to complete. You may get multiple assignments at a time.

It is a fixed price assignment which will go further for years. For each article / lesson you get paid $10. This is including oDesk fee. We don't bargain in price. So mention in your job application that you accept the price. You get paid after every assignment.

We will select 6 experts for Hindi and 4 for Sanskrit. You will have to give a qualification test first.
For Hindi jobs please write an 1 page lesson on Parsarga and use of word "ne" and send us before 20.9.2013. The text should be in English but the grammatical words should be in Devnagari.

For Sanskrit jobs please write an one page lesson on Tatpurush Samas (with its kinds) in Sanskrit and send before 20.9.2013. The text should be in English but the grammatical words should be in Devnagari.

Your lesson will be cheked by our professors and if passed with a 90% mark we will select you for the job. The test shall take 1 week and after passing the test you start getting job with-in 3 days. The assignments shall go on for several years.

Please apply with your detailed CV specifying your education, mother language and experiences in Hindi / Sanskrit. Freshers are also allowed if they are brilliant. We will not consider anything else than your model lessons to define your qualification for this job. So whatever experience or degree you have and however odesk hours you have that means nothing to us. Only that matters is your model lesson.

Little bit knowing people should not apply for this job. After application please wait patiently 5 working days for any response and don't mark as unresponsive.

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