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I am Jonathan I own and operate an agency that builds around 50 websites a year and we are looking for someone to take on this work for us. We specialise in advertising and web design is a part of the task we would like to give to someone else for our clients so we can focus on what we are good at.

we currently have 4 projects we want to give to someone to build.

1 x ecommerce site ( Large )

1 x programmed site for clothing (Large project)

1 x website for social media advertising ( medium size)

1 x advertising agency website ( Small Size )

This is a good opportunity for someone to prove themselves. we do not need the programming done just yet we are looking for unique creative and award winning layout options for our clients to view. presentation is of absolute importance.

we require unique graphics and layouts that push the boundarys and step away from the standard template layout that has become so popular.

to give you an idea of the layouts we expect view 100s of website award winners at

we expect nothing less than this quality and unique style and edge of work. thought and design is required not a quick layout just to slap together.

we desire someone that loves artwork and cares about making something perfect. we have a very basic brief and some images for you to use.

before we throw you a real project we have 2 sample projects we require to get built. only a home page is needed at the moment for each and it doesn't have to be active just a drawn image. if all goes well we will pay you at a considerably higher rate to finish the page.

if you feel you want ongoing work and fit the criteria above. We strongly suggest you reply. normal jobs we run on hourly rate as this is just a test we are doing a set rate or hourly allowing you to prove yourself.

if we like the work and end up using it a bonus will be provided and a contract to provide you ongoing work on a weekly basis.

the prove you have read the application and not just applied please type

" I LOVE ART " as a keyword at the top of the application

We look forward to hearing from you.

Skills: design, graphics, drawing

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