Boss Dental Animation

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Our Company is searching for a graphic artist with the skills and talent to put together a creatively animated dental piece to illustrate how our dental flossing product works. The animation should be about 30 seconds and will be used on our website. The contractor will submit a bid price for the project.

Our concept is that the animation might start with a closed mouth, the mouth then opens revealing teeth and gum line. Then our oral irrigator would come into vision, begin to spray. The illustration would show the water from the irrigating tip penetrating deep between the teeth, effectively removing food particles and bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. The spray could then zero in on a particular drop of water and follow it beneath the gum lines flushing out all of the bad bacteria that cal lead to expensive dental repair or removal. The images of the animation would clearly reveal the removal of bacteria and food particles in which common brushing simply can’t reach. We are open to ideas that would be suggested. Contractor would work closely with all ideas, aspects and designs with our company.

The project goals:
Why flossing is necessary
How our product works- flossing
The simple convenience of our product, and the time savings aspect! While you shower- 30 seconds!
Time savings from flossing with sticks or string, and associated benefits, ie. no fingers in mouth.
The economical aspect, cost vs. dental charges for cavity, crown, tooth pull, stress from dental chair
It will high lite the product for patients with braces! Flossing with braces can take up to 15 minutes. Perhaps, the dental image can jump to braces while cleaning animation is ongoing?
The caricature should be cute, should be happy, having fun with this system.
Ultimately, this animation should leave the viewer of an image of getting a great smile, fresh breath by using this new, and exciting dental care flossing system.It would be terrific if there was a voice over as the animation works explaining the benefits of flossing and why our dental care flossing system is better. Brushing and flossing, both are required, along with regularly scheduled dental checkups. Perhaps we could consider some sort of fun back groung music or jingle?