Open Source Rails Development

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Job Description

2-3 month, full-time contract to help us support our Rails-based GRC application

* Join our team to develop features and fix bugs in our Rails-based GRC application using Pivotal Tracker.
* Help provide documentation that supports this work and the general development process.

* 3+ years experience with Rails
* 1+ years experience with Python Frameworks
* 1+ years experience with App Engine
* Are familiar with MySQL, jQuery and Bootstrap, HAML/SASS
* Can use pivotal tracker, github, and heroku
* Can show us code examples you are most proud of
* Are well educated; perhaps a BS in Computer Science (or demonstrable equivalence)

How to Apply:
Please include…
1) MUST show us code that is relevant. We look at code to evaluate candidates, not resumes.
2) A thoughtful, brief cover letter with specific reference to your love of code
3) Fill out this multiple choice form:

We'll review candidates shortly and get back to you.

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