Web Developer

Web Developer


Job Description

www.ListSellSmile.ca is an upcoming website for which we are seeking an experienced web developer. The project details are as follows:
1. Create the flow diagram in consultation with the company executive.
2. The website asks for home listings from home owners willing to sell on their own.
3. The sellers chose from four plans, Free, basic, preferred and Premium. Cost and discounts to be shown on pop up screen
4. The indexing of data will be done on Province, Area, City and Postal code
5. The geo tagging of properties on google API will be required for property search by map.
6. Setting up of client accounts
7. Setting up auto responders to signed in homebuyers and sending them updates on new listings
8. setting up privacy policy change notification to registered users
9. Setting up auto emails to seller clients to upgrade their services
10. Providing real time traffic to a client's listing
11. Providing option to upload virtual tour, any video format tour, and up to 20 high definition pictures
12. Ability to run slide show, full screen or original size
13. Setting up website to display latest information, news item related to area specific news
14. Setting up sponsors for a specific area
15. setting up offer forms and auto populating fields like, buyer's information, seller's information, property address and some data from the listing, auto populating solicitor information of that sponsored area
16. Providing a list of related contractors in that sponsored area as an additional page when a buyer prints an offer
17. Sending out mails to renew membership of sponsors or clients
18. E-books
19. Videos on how to use website
20. Help file
21. Setting up a visually appealing website

Who can apply?
If you are an experienced developer and have done similar project, you are invited to apply in confidence by quoting your rate. Hourly rate will be preferred. You will give hours required to fulfill the task. An allowance of +/- 10% to those hours shall be acceptable as mutually agreed.

What is required?

You will be ready to take warranty and maintenance of the site for at least one year. During this time all the debugging or errors shall be fixed by you.

The full code of the site shall become the property of www.ListSellSmile.ca and the developer shall have no right or obligation over that.

Deadline for the project: February 16, 2013

Skills: video, debugging