Long-Term Erotica Authors Needed (Adult Content)


Job Description

We're looking for creative writers to create erotic short stories of 4,000 or more words. These stories need to contain very explicit sex scenes. So, if writing vivid sex scenes makes you uncomfortable, you should not apply for this job.

We can't stress this enough: You MUST have GREAT English!

You can write your own stories or we can provide story outlines for you. Native-English speakers only; you are writing for discerning English speakers who will not accept poor quality work; neither will we.

We are currently seeking writers for ALL kinks and sub genres of erotica at this time.

All jobs must be completed within 7 days of hiring. Our company provides incentives for writers who complete stories well before deadline.

Terms and Conditions

By applying/accepting this job you agree this is a WORK FOR HIRE situation. I will own the copyright and all rights to the material and cover. I reserve the right to use the material in any form without your name appearing on the material. You will have no rights to distribute or republish the material in any form whatsoever.

All work must be 100% original. Many tools will be used to check for originality. If it's found that you plagiarized the submitted work. You won't be paid.

You will be paid upon acceptance of your story. In short, NO UP FRONT PAYMENT.

You must be willing to write in a variety of genres of erotic fiction.

Additional Things

Along with your resume please send at least one piece of erotic fiction that you've written in the past.

Please include the words “SIMBA” in your cover letter to let us know that you're a real person.

ALSO, if you have stories that you've ALREADY written, feel free to submit them. If we like them, we will be happy to PAY YOU for them.

Thank you all for reading. We look forward to working with you.

PLEASE NOTE: we are first hiring for a TEST BOOK, in order to make sure you fit in with our team. We are looking for a long-term partner, and a Test Book is the only way we can adequately judge if you will be the right author for us. For the first Test Book, payment will be $15. After that, payments for further books will be at a minimum of $50, up to $200, again depending on length, quality, etc.

Skills: english, writing, test

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