PhoneGap App developer needed

PhoneGap App developer needed


Job Description

Need someone who will be able to launch an app that simply works in a months time. Not design intensive, just needs to function.

People sign in/register for the app and once they do they are able to order food from the local restaurants and be able for people nearby to join in on the order with them.

Also people need to be able to invite their GroupMe friends to order food with them. This can be done via the GroupMe API. (

I will take care of the business end as far as integrating a FAX or POS system so the restaurants can receive the order.

To cut time I'm looking for someone who can develop using PhoneGap which uses html,javascript, and css to create an app which it then would be able to launch for both Android and IOS

The app does not have to be flashy, it just needs to work.

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