Sales and Marketing Manager


Job Description

We are looking for an energetic and motivated sales person with a fresh view of software technology. This position calls for a sales and marketing professional that may work from any location and interact with potential customers via email and phone. There is no need to make in-person sales calls or for meeting customers face-to-face.

We will expect the hired applicant to take charge of and formulate an effective software sales strategy that the company can get behind. Experience and knowledge in sales and marketing specifically for software are a must. In short, this is an opportunity for the applicant to become a marketing/sales manager with increased benefits from the company.

Desired hours of availability are Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. All times are Pacific Time.

A VOIP phone will be provided with unlimited long distance for placing and receiving sales calls. The cost of the phone and its service will be covered by the company. The broadband internet connection will be your responsibility.

The company will provide sales leads and access to a CRM application for managing the sales calls. The applicant will be expected to keep good records in the CRM application. Complete and accurate records of all correspondence will take precedent over speed of placing calls.

The applicant should have a good background in software and computers. You will be selling a cloud based software system to companies in the transportation, courier, freight, and delivery markets. While knowledge of the delivery industry will be beneficial, most questions asked by customers will have to do with whether or not the software is capable of preforming certain tasks. Initial training will be provided by web meeting over a period of 4 days, usually 2 hour sessions per day. Training is provided without any cost to the applicant. Once training is complete and the applicant is still deemed capable of the sales position, arrangements will be made to give the applicant access to the company’s systems.

The compensation for this position will be a fixed salary of $1,000 per month plus a bonus for any sales. The commission will range from $5 to $100 per sale, depending on the level of software sold. Average sales efforts in the past indicate a reasonable $400 per week bonus. The applicant must bring the sale completely in to qualify for the bonus. Otherwise it may be split with other representatives who assisted in the process.

Additional applicant requirements:

• Must be at least 20 years old
• Must read and write English well
• Must speak English well
• Must reside in Noth America
• Must have access to a reliable computer and reliable high speed internet connection

Skills: marketing, english