Are you a Marketing & Public Relationship wizard?

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

👨 I'd like to personally invite you to apply to my job. Please review the job post and apply if you're available, and answer these 12 questions below.

1 What do you generally realize about online traffic? 🙋

2 What's your opinion about the word "Finding the most approximate link by searching keyword"? 👮

3 Do you know about advertising on a webpage and what do you know about 4 Facebook advertizing? 👪

5 If I have given you a software to sell, how would you showcase and sell?💃
6 What's your methods of attractions or Invitation to get buyers interested?👩

7 If you were reaching out, how would you contact them, what would you say 7 Just how would you present it?” 👨

9 How versatile are you in the PR- Public Relationship Department? 👫
10 Have you any proofreading & editing skills? 👀

11 How would you do press outreach for this Project in New York State?
12 Have you any marketing communication Skills? 😃

13 The Bottom line is, what can you do to accelerates and amplifies this
Business?... 💁

Wilbert Blackwood

Wilbert Blackwood.