Pinterest-esqe web site in .NET MVC

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Job Description

GospelFeed is a user content drive website very similar to Pinterest. Visitors can:

+ Browse content by tag
+ Search content by keyword
+ Create a "board" to post/curate their own content or content from other users

Each piece of content can be a video, article, image, or audio file. In most cases the actual content will be share from another site.

Here's a sample use case...

+ I find a great video on another website I want to share
+ I log in to GospelFeed and "Add Content" to my board.
+ I put in a summary of the content including the author/creator and any relevant tags, etc.
+ I include a link to the source video

Additional notes:
+ The home page will be highly curated by the GospelFeed team
+ Eventually we will have an "Organizations". Organizations are a collection of multiple users who can access and/or contribute to a board.

Technology notes:
+ We have the scaffolding of the code already created. The stack is SQL Server, a simple data later using based EF classes, and a business later with the models.
+ It's all service-based and uses Google's Angular javascript platform to consume data from the View layer... so there's no Razor in the HTML.
+ The initial version should be built using a generic version of Twitter Bootstrap manipulated to match provided wireframes (sampling of wireframes attached)
+ We will provide github access

We manage our projects using story-based agile

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