automatically send message to chat services on many websites

automatically send message to chat services on many websites


Job Description

we already have over thousands of URL list.
most of the websites have the chat service "olark".

we want to send message automatically to the chat box.

there are four status of "olark"chat service.
like this.

1, free account + offline(mail mode)
2, free account + online(chat mode)
3, paid account + offline(mail mode)
4, paid account + online(chat mode)

or olark service doesn't exist in the website(type 5)

these are the samples of website. paid account free account free account

the UI of free account and paid account looks different,so we can recognize.
also systematically.

we want to register each status of olark in each URL.

after that,
we want to send message to type1 and type 3(mail mode)
registering our name and email and text message in the box.
and for A/B testing of text message,we want to limit the number of sending message for "n" messages every time.

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