Port Image processing Python script to Clojure


Job Description

I have a python script that generates a lot of images based on a simple xml file. it is open source, though i have edited it a tiny bit to get it to do what i want. the author has abandoned the script and it is buggy and beyond me. The script is 500 lines of code and can be found at https://github.com/openzoom/deepzoom.py

I want the script to be converted to clojure and use Java2D or some other image processing lib via an abstraction layer over image processing. I also want there to be tests for the ported library. and the ported library must not have bugs that the current library has.

bugs the current python script has, with incorrect input (only input being an input xml file, and an output dir name) it will go into an infinite loop.

nice to have changes: have different inputs, so i can choose not to use an xml file as the input source, but instead use a clojure data structure.

note: the part of the python library that deals with collection generation, not just image generation, is broken, however i have a repo where the collection generation is working. i will post the repo to my github account.

All code for this project will be released as Open Source under the MIT licence.

Preference will be giving to people who have accepted pull requests on other clojure projects.