Notifications/Follow system (Question2Answer)

Notifications/Follow system (Question2Answer)


Job Description

I won't go into to much about the actual idea behind the project here as it is quite confidential, however we are in the process of creating what could possibly be the next big thing, and you could be apart of it.

We have done the design and coded most of the website ourself however we need some help with a few addons that I can't do myself yet.

We are also using the open source software "Question2Answer" as the "base" of the website, so you may want to explore a little into that before giving our site a go.

Basically what I am looking for is two things:

1) For a notificaitons system to work. Basically when someone answers a users question, or someone follows a user or someone upvotes a users comment they get a notification just like Facebook. So a little "1" would appear over the menu button, and when you click on it a pop up would come up with the notificaiton, exactly like Facebook.

2) Dashboard: At the moment our "dashboard" just shows the latest questions asked. I would like for it to have a section to show the activity of the people you are following. E.g. Dylan upvoted "question title here" etc...


Dylan posted a question asking: "question"

and then below what is there can stay in regards to the the recent questions.

3) Follow system. At the moment there is no way to add a friend or follow someone, basically I would like this part to work like twitter, so you can follow users and they can follow you. Then on their profiles it will say how many followers/following you have.

The person we are looking for is someone who can work efficiently, these jobs actually shouldn't take to long due to the nature of the framework already there. We would want someone who is good at keeping things quiet and not telling everyone about this idea until we are ready to release. It would also be someone who can work with us in the future when we need things added that I can't do myself.

If you could reply with the following that would be great:

1) Pay per hour
2) Estimated hours
3) Coding language you know
4) Have you looked at Question2Answer or had some experience

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and I loko forward to hearing from you.

Skills: twitter