Website Code and Programming Audit Consultant

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

The job is to look at the following sites:

And I want as much technical detail about these sites as possible.
What languages they are coded in?
What their level of security is?
If they are all open source or closed systems?
If they can be crawled by web crawlers?
I want to be enlightened by your technical knowledge and what you can tell me about the technical side of these sites and how they functions, what are the pros and cons of each.
How their graphics are made
How they generate searches
What sort of database do they use
How they generate analysis of the data stored.

For any of the sites that require logins to be a user, that can be provided.

You MUST be able to communicate with me audibly on Skype… I dont want to have to type all my questions I want to have a conversation about what you find that may interest me about these sites.

If you are good and can diagram or wireframe aspects of how these sites function and work, with annotations, then I will consider hiring you for ongoing web development.

I also often pay bonuses when people give me really good work that exceeds or meets what I require, but dont waste your time or mine if you are not an expert in what I require here.

Please put in the subject line when applying for this job the Key Words "Tech Audit" so I know you read the job description.

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