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Job Description

Job Description – Account Assistant, Nursing Sites:

We are seeking someone with nursing experience and credentials to join our team. Preferably a Registered Nurse or BSN, MSN. Primary attributes are the ability to write clearly in English. “Hands on” nursing experience is essential as our websites are specifically in the nursing niche with an emphasis on education and upgrading.

We suggest that this position may be ideal for either a retired nurse or one who has left active nursing for disability reasons, possibly maternity leave. Or someone who is actively working but seeks additional challenges to earn additional income, and someone looking to help build something of lasting value.

Are you a ‘Stay at Home Mom” with a good nursing career to build on? This could allow you to work and earn part time while caring for you children.

Other skills which will be valuable include, knowledge of social media, FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc and basic understanding of Wordpress sites.

The specifics of the job are as follows:
1. Write regular articles in the field of nursing 2-3/week which will be published in our websites.
2. Follow news articles on the topic and curate articles for publishing on our websites. .
3. Make regular daily comments and contribution to our Facebook site on the topic. 2 – 3/day (help us build a dedicated following)
4. Tweet comments that will bring traffic.
5. Begin and post “pins” frequently to our Pinterest account to bring traffic back to our websites.

Mastery of English language communication and writing is essential to this long term job, as is reliability. We do not wish to have to proof read everything produced (though we will at the outset).

It is anticipated that this job will take a maximum of 2 -3 hours/day initially but as the success and revenue generated by the websites and social media grow it could become a full time job.

Once candidates are chosen to interview further details will be provided. If you are a Nurse, articulate and caring and interested in a new exciting twist to your nursing career please apply. We hope to build this business into a major resource for nurses and a place for them to come to stay current with their profession and as well, a place for them to comment and share in their experiences both good and bad.

Skills: facebook, pinterest, twitter, english