Quadcopter PCB Design

Quadcopter PCB Design


Job Description

I am working on a project to make a small quadcopter that can track objects and stream video (720p 30fps) through WiFi. I built the quadcopter's frame, I found the camera module I need, and I developed the computer vision algorithms.

Now I need an expert PCB designer to make the quadcopter's board. It needs to have the following components:

- A cortex M-3 (for controls)
- A gyroscope/accelerometer chip (for controls)
- A cortex A-9 (to do video processing)
- A WiFi module (to stream video)
- An FPC Mount (to connect the camera module)
- Four connectors to supply power and control the motors
- A mini usb port or equivalent (to develop)
- Flash memory
- Power supply connector (Li-Po battery)

The main constraints are:
- The PCB should be smaller than a 6cm diagonal square
- The PCB should be highly power efficient

I am eager to discuss more details with you if you are interested.
My budget is flexible.