product line called the iBolt Designer


Job Description

I will pay you 1 $ per hours. so what we have is a product line called the iBolt
its a series of cell phone cases with internal batterys that give you the option to charge your device on the go.. we also have power banks as well, which is the same idea, but not in the shape of a case. They come with a universal cord that you can switch out to charge almost anything.
our most important product, is called the iBolt z5. This is what you will be working on first and foremost.
for the most part the page is done. All we need from here is to create the description page, to really sell the buyer on the product.
we have 2 competitors. I will send you the links now on what theyve done to make thiers successful.
see as you scroll down where it says: Power, thats thinner than air
this is what we need to make. the best part is, our product is better..
Its thinner, lighter, shorter, and a larger battery.
you can also sync through the case which with mophies you cannot. these are the points we need to stress, as thier company is much more established than ours.
I think we have a good stand point agaist our competitors with these attributes.
the market is big, mophies anticipating 150 million in revenue this year alone, so if we can take a chunk of thier sales, we can be very successful. And you can have fulltime work with us. Constantly making our site better and better. From what your portfolio shows, I know your capable of it.
how long did the olive oil site take to make?
and how did you land a deal with the state of utah to build that site???
thats incredible..