Plugin for WooCommerce + inkfilepicker

Plugin for WooCommerce + inkfilepicker


Job Description

I need a plugin for Wordpress + WooCommerce to upload files from social networking (Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc) and Local Uploads from customer computer.

The site that will use the plugin, is to make customized products that use photos from customer.

*** The use of script "inkfilepicker" from ( is VERY APPRECIATED. It's pretty well documented, but, it's just to download and store files, must be integrated with WP/WooCommerce, keeping all options on the back-end and keeping all the file info saved to the database and referencing the associated order line.***

Must also have:

- The possibility to enable/disable files sources (mentioned above);
- The option to choose the kind of file (jpg, png, ai, eps, psd, zip, rar, pdf, etc - some or all);
- The option to choose the quantity of files (just 1, some or no limits);
- The option to limit (or not) the maximum file size;
- Messages to customers to warn about errors, success, failures, etc;
- Save all files captured in a specific folder (zip file name or a folder with the identification/information that exactly identify the customer x product related / order id);
- I use the website with native pt_BR language then I suppose that the use of po, mo, pot files is absolutely usefull;
- And the ability to save/edit the generated 'shortcode' that will be pasted at product page;
- evolution bar, % or loading indicator to customer know the time requested to upload files;
- CSS file to use the correct styling.

As the plugin is for specific products with different options, in case of plugin programed, the options above must be exist.

I need a programer with full expertise in Wordpress and Woocommerce. The respective profile will be analised to judge the better one!