Android audio/internet app (shazaam/soundhound alike)

Android audio/internet app (shazaam/soundhound alike)


Job Description

We are a small startup that needs android developer to help us push the development up to the beta stage.

The developer should be versed in Android development skills, specifically:

- communicating with outside web services (http)
- handling background tasks in Android (services)
- audio recording and handling
- handling device statuses (calls, changing wifi connections, ...)

Audio recognition engine isn't required for this task, as we do have one. Google PlayKontrol if interested.

Since we need continuous service with this project, we'll ask some confirmation of skills listed above, to be sure that we won't have problems later. LinkedIn or StackOverflow profile is a must.

We: one developer (trying to keep up with technology), and one wannabe entrepreneur. Excpect heavy NDA if you want to work on this one.

Skills: android-sdk

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