Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer


Job Description

I need a mechanical engineer to design and help source a device that will be a companion to an iPhone application that I have.

The specs are pretty simple. I need a fixture that does the following:

1. Holds an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device parallel to a table surface.
2. Must be collapsable and easy to store/ship
3. Should be adjustable to hold device a minimum of 6" off the surface, and a max of 12" off the surface (adjustments can be either continuously variable, or course)
4. The camera of the device being held must not be obstructed, nor should the surface within the view frame of the camera.
5. The user needs easy access to the table surface within the view frame of the camera when the fixture is in use.

You should think of an application where I want to photograph an item on the surface of the table -- this fixture will hold the phone perfectly still and parallel to the surface.

I'd like to keep the total finished costs of the solution to under $10, and any NRE should be minimal.

I imagine some sort of folding table stand that you simply place the device on. The surface of the table stand would need to be made of something that has enough openings that you could position the camera in a way to shoot through it.