PIC and PCB design - automotive ignition system controller

PIC and PCB design - automotive ignition system controller


Job Description

Project description:

An automotive ignition spark advance control module. Advance parameters will be user definable via connection to outside programming device such as Android or PC connection. Users will be able to define advance values for Manifold Absolute Pressure, Engine RPM, engine coolant temperature, engine knock (T/F). Please see http://www.megamanual.com/ms2/GM_7pinHEI.htm for more complete description of popular implementation.

The complete system will include a mechanical distributor utilizing common General Motors HEI reluctor and pick up as indicated in above link. Dwell will be managed via the GM 4 pin HEI module. Initial advance offset (mechanically set) will be 5 degrees before Top Dead Center.

Manifold Absolute Pressure input will be from a standard early GM system. Coolant Temperature input from standard GM temperature sensor. Knock sensor will require the design of signal amplifier for integration into system.

The system will be fitted to four cylinder engines with a maximum engine speed of 8,000 RPM. Engine rev limit circuits shall retard timing (from computed) by a user defined amount for every 200 RPM over a user defined limit.

Provisions for a single ‘button’ bypass switch to allow setting initial timing offset and as a failsafe to allow the vehicle to be ‘limped’ home in the event of module failure.

User defined maps shall be accessible only when system is in programming mode - ie the engine is off. User interface shall be determined by most economical method (USB to PC, bluetoothe to Android or other available options - just keep it user friendly)

Form factor: Preference is for a small PCB measuring less than 2" X 3" exclusive of the HEI module. Advance module and HEI module to be mounted to heat sink inside stamped can. Provisions for single set of wires leading to the distributor, single set of wires leading to the coil and tachometer, high current power input and low current control input to main power relay. Common ground through chassis of box.

Completed project will include:
PCB layout complete
PIC code and instruction set
User interface software
Bill of materials

I am an automotive technician, not an electrical engineer. I will rely upon your training and knowledge to make this project a success. My intent is to have the controller ready for testing within three months. This should be a relatively simple project as it involves the application of readily available technology. Please provide an estimate to complete the project and any appropriate references for similar projects.

Skills: design